Angela’s warmth, genuine kindness and personable nature made this process comfortable and enjoyable at a time when one may feel apprehensive and somewhat vulnerable. This was the icing on the cake to what I can say is an absolutely incredible product. The hair quality is remarkable and the fit is perfect. I absolutely love my new hair along with the freedom it is going to give me to return to the aspects of my life that I have been missing for so long! I am so incredibly grateful to have found Angela and Angel Wigs. What wonderful work you do.

Ang, you are a beautiful person. Along with your expertise, your warmth, genuine kindness and personable nature made this process comfortable and enjoyable at a time when one may feel apprehensive and vulnerable. Along with this, you are reliable and proficient in your field which only adds to such a positive experience.

I am a sufferer of alopecia universalis. When my condition first appeared, I was in denial. Having fully recovered from several bouts of alopecia areata, I expected a complete recovery.
As time went on and I lost more hair, body hair, eyebrows and finally eyelashes, I realised that perhaps my hair wasn’t going to come back.

I had several synthetic wigs, which I kept trimmed so they didn’t get that classic “wiggy” look. I was quite satisfied with my wigs, so long as it wasn’t windy or I wasn’t exercising. At gym and around the house I would wear my baseball cap. The first thing I would do when arriving home was to take off my wig, as it became uncomfortable and itchy.

During this time, I met several people with suction based wigs. I was so impressed with the quality and authenticity, I decided to buy one. Angela was brilliant and helped every step of the way. There was a wait whilst the right hair was sourced, but the wait was worth it. Angela styled my new hair and showed me how to wash, care and fit the wig. From that day on, I have never worn another synthetic wig! So comfortable was my new wig that I wore it for twelve hours straight that first day! Even now, I hardly take off my hair, whereas before, it was the first thing I did when I got home.

Losing my hair was a huge knock to my confidence. I was fat, forty and bald, but thanks to my new do (I had to lose weight before my cap fitting) I feel forty, fit and fabulous. I have regained my confidence, feel fantastic and, if the comments I get from strangers are to be believed, have stunning, natural looking hair. People are genuinely surprised when I tell them the truth.

Angel Wigs are so good, I’m going for my third. They are worth every cent plus more. Life is far too short to worry about your hair. Thank you Angela and Angel Wigs!

I play golf and therefore spend a lot of time in the elements. The wind was my greatest enemy, apart from interfering with a good shot; I was always terrified of it blowing my wig off. Three and a half years ago I had a hard based suction wig made. This wig gave me a great deal of freedom and security, but I found it heavy to wear. Angela told me about the soft-based suction wigs. I now have 2 of these marvellous wigs. They are the lightest to wear and give me total security. The hair is soft and easy to manage. People are amazed when I tell them I wear a wig. My confidence has been given a tremendous boost. A big thank you to dear Angela and the great wig makers in New Zealand. – Jan

Purchasing a suction based wig was the best thing I ever did. It not only feels and looks great, but it has increased my self-esteem and confidence. I have had synthetic wigs, but found that these did not last very long, and then trying to buy the same one 3 months later was a disaster because the supplier didn’t have any left. The suction based wig is FANTASTIC. I have been able to go swimming, parasailing and ride on the back of a Harley Davidson amongst other things without any problems.

Hi my name is Theo and I have had alopecia for 26 years. From the age of 14 years old I began wearing a wig. I have worn all types of wigs, form elastic synthetic hair to Australian made suction based wigs. Just recently, well about 2 years ago, I purchased a new wig from Angel Wigs and I have found it to be the best so far. It is much lighter to wear and with the real hair implanted in it, I receive plenty of compliments about how real it looks. I would highly recommend anybody looking to purchase a wig that they call Angela at Angel Wigs. Also very importantly, the staff at Angel Wigs were absolutely fantastic.

Before being introduced to the suction based wigs, I wore a synthetic net-based wig, which served its purpose temporarily but was extremely restrictive. Being young and active all I longed for was to be able to play around with friends, go swimming, go for a walk in the park on a windy day but especially go away on one of our famous water skiing weekends and be able to participate not just be a spectator. The day I got my new hair was extremely exciting. My first day back at work was daunting. The butterflies in my tummy were going wild! I took a deep breath and proceeded to work. The response was over whelming! People looked, some gasped one lady screamed, it was wonderful and the butterflies had suddenly flown away. Work was a chore until this day…. I lacked confidence and avoided people at every chance I got as I was sure in my mind that they were looking at how awful my hair looked. It was great to finally want to speak to people again and it was great for the first time in six months to be able to walk up that corridor to the kitchen with my head held high and a smile from ear to ear. I had more confidence now than before I lost my hair.

A couple of weekends later I went away, not to spend all my time on the beach but to go swimming and water skiing with every one else!! I finally felt like my old self, I felt normal again. Countless people have stopped me and asked how I keep my hair so beautiful. I just smile and say ‘Lucky, I guess’. I feel very lucky that I have found a wig so wonderful and one that has given me back all the things that I felt I like I had lost when losing my hair. They look great and feel even better and life is hard to imagine without it. – Laura

I have had Alopecia Totalis for 13 years. I have had various types of synthetic based wigs, all which have been a challenge to wear. They have been itchy; with bulky Velcro bands at the back and when the wind blew my scalp would be seen through the wig. I had developed such inferiority that my mirror was also my best friend. I was always straightening my wig and my family was well trained in making me look ‘normal’ when I was caught in awkward situations, like windy days. I hated people behind me in case they touched my head without me knowing and they would feel the thickness and coarseness of the synthetic wig. I found it difficult to look people in their eyes when talking to them because they would stare up and down at my wig as if something was wrong with the way it looked. I was always touching the wig to fix it up. My wig was being replaced every 3 months at a cost of $300 a wig. I have a ‘small’ head so the styles available were limited. I couldn’t only have one wig for three months; I had to have 2 due to my work. As a cleaner my head gets quite sweaty. At the end of the day the wig would be all wet. I couldn’t blow-dry it, and if I were going out that night I would be in trouble. One wig was just out of the question. I also found the synthetic wig colour faded too quickly and the fibres reacted to heat especially at the back of my head. The hair was all crinkly and fuzzy due to the heat. I was extremely self-conscious of how I looked.

My new soft base suction wig can be wiped inside or washed, blow waved and ready to wear again the same day. I was referred to Angela because of her high reputation for excellent human hair wigs. I want you all to know how much my life has changed. The style of my hair is simple and easy to manage. I hardly need to comb it, I can arrange it with my fingers and it sits well on my head. My hair is fabulous to wear. It is comfortable, not itchy and best of all it suctions so well on my head that I have to take my time trying to take it off. I only use a mirror now to fix my lipstick and my friends who know I have alopecia, forget about my condition.

I feel secure and confident when talking to people and I can now look them straight in the eye. Thanks to Angela for restoring my self esteem. I hope she continues the great work she is doing for us alopecia sufferers, whom I prefer to now call “Alopecia Conquerors”.  – Libbie W

I suffer from Alopecia Universalaris and have done for 7 years. For the first 5 years I struggled through a variety of synthetic and blended type hair wigs in a bid to look normal – I found none that were comfortable and had a couple of very embarrassing incidents (one on a very windy day where my wig ‘took’ off down the road with me in hot pursuit, crying in anger and frustration, embarrassment and a total feeling of hopelessness). Then along came Angela and the absolutely amazing Suctioned Based Wig. I am thrilled to be able to honestly report that this wig has given me back me life, almost to the same degree as when I had my own full head of hair.To be able to be ‘active’ again without the fear of ‘loosing’ my hair has meant a great deal to me both physically and mentally.
I can have my wig coloured, permed and styled like natural hair. I can (and have) swim, ski and parasail. Recently in Fiji, I was dumped off a jet ski and while under water I thought ‘this will test my wig out’. As I surfaced my daughter was in the water beside me with a very worried look on her face – I surface, hair firmly in place. We both had visions of my wig bobbing out to sea, and me in my ‘nude nut’ chasing it. Expensive- yes! But for comfort, security, peace of mind and adaptability, I would recommend a suction base wig to any one. – Margaret R

I would like to tell you how thrilled I am with my suction cap wig. It has surpassed my hopes and I couldn’t be happier. It is so natural looking that even hairdressers do not recognize it as a wig. Being able to swim and play sport with confidence and knowing that it won’t slip has made a huge difference to my life. I can enjoy having dinner parties and barbecues again without worrying about heat frizzing my wig. My young daughters can even play with my ‘hair’ now and they love that. After suffering from alopecia for more than 10 years, I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to feel like a ‘normal’ person again. I just wish I had ordered a suction cap wig years ago. I will never have another synthetic wig after this.

I also wish to thank Angela and her staff for all their assistance, kindness and professionalism – and for always going the extra distance. You made a potentially stressful thing into a real pleasure. By the time I walked out of your salon, I felt I had gained new friends as well as a new image. Should anyone wish to contact me and ask questions in relation to my wig, you can contact me through Angela.  – Claire L

I have been a sufferer of alopecia for 49 years. Life has been difficult emotionally trying to cope with my problem. I’ve had many visits to dermatologists and hundreds of dollars spent on various solutions to find a cure. I finally gave up after painful cortisone injections into my head. Since joining the alopecia support group I was able to gather information from various dermatologists, hairdressers and other guest speakers who give their valuable time to help us sufferers. I have tried a few different wigs but nothing compares to the suction based wig. The wig has changed my life, completely allowing me freedom and peace of mind for the first time in my life. The wig can be expertly cut, tinted, streaked or permed depending on the individuals needs. The suction based wig is easy to care for and has a natural look and flow about it. Angela and her staff show so much patience, kindness and understanding when fitting and cutting your wig to style. Words cannot describe the magic I feel when the wind blows the hair around my face, the wig is totally secure on the windiest days. I thank God everyday for the people that dedicate their time to make wigs, the people who give up their precious time to help us alopecia sufferers.

Please do not suffer any more in silence; there is a beautiful world out there that can be made possible with the purchase of a suction based wig. It will help you find peace and happiness in life. You will all be looking so gorgeous. God bless you all. – Mary

Hi my name is Chrissie and I have had totalis alopecia for 16 years. I have worn all types of wigs, from synthetic net style to Angela’s NZ made suction based wigs.  I have been wearing these wigs for around 11 years and found them to be the best! The newer, better breathing wig is much lighter to wear, (and not as much sweating on your head) and with the real hair implanted in it, I receive plenty of compliments about MY HAIR!  I would highly recommend anybody looking to purchase a wig that they call Angela at Angel Wigs.

I have two wigs, so that when one needs a repair I am okay to work.  People are amazed when I tell them (my last job was for 10 years) that it is a wig!  It has boosted my self-esteem tremendously and going out, I always feel confident and my husband likes my wig in a ponytail (for Rock n Roll dancing) or up (did a “Last Chance Deb” dance).  The versatility of how you can ‘do’ your hair is amazing!  When I first started Rock and Roll dancing, I was always worried that it (the wig) would come off.  NOW, with the suction based wig, there is absolutely no stress about that – I worry more that my eyelashes will come loose!  I was given a package (redundant) from my last job, so am now looking for temporary, (which hopefully) will lead to full-time permanent work, so it is essential to look and feel confident when applying for jobs or to agencies, and this is easy with my Angel wig — I am NORMAL!  And look it!

I recommend anyone to go to Angela and get their specially designed (to your head) wig!  They are fantastic!!  Angela is also very easy to talk to and really cares, so there is never any awkwardness.  Just ask Angela to give you my phone or mobile number and I would be happy to talk to anyone.