The Advantages of a Freedom Hair® Wig

Traditional off the shelf wigs aren’t totally secure. The stretch caps or elastic and Velcro are OK over a head of hair, but they slide on a bald scalp. Freedom Hair® wigs, however, don’t come off. Because they are a perfect fit, a suction effect is created, which makes them hard to dislodge.
They allow you to maintain a normal lifestyle: swim, play sports…

Off the shelf stretch wigs are no problem over a head of hair, but if you have alopecia, the cap material and ends of the hair irritate the scalp. Freedom Hair®wigs, on the other hand, are smooth, light and fell like a second skin. Whether you buy a ‘soft’ cap made of silicon and fabric, or a ‘hard’ cap made of 1mm fiberglass, the hair ends are implanted in the cap and don’t come into contact with the scalp.

Most off the shelf synthetic wigs just don’t look or behave like the real thing. Their fibres discolor in the sun, frizz when you open the oven door and ‘open up like a Venetian blind’ in the wind to reveal rows of elastic. Often, they don’t complement your face shape, and just look ‘wrong’. Even some human hair wigs on the market lack the bounce and resilience of real hair. That’s because they’re made from highly processed Asian/Indian hair that’s been stripped of color and dyed for the European market.

Freedom Hair® wigs, in contrast, are made form top quality virgin European hair – hair that hasn’t been bleached, processed or dyed. The hair is implanted into a flesh-like scalp to create a natural appearance and natural hair movement. It’s then professionally salon-styled on your head to complement you perfectly.

Photos © Freedom Wigs Ltd New Zealand